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WhatsApp -VS- Signal -VS- Telegram. A comparison between popular messagings apps with security and privacy in mind.


UPDATE: Due to the large migration of users to other platforms, Facebook postponed the new Privacy Policy end put up a FAQ page 'to explain these updates clearly'.
Link to the FAQ:

The original article:

From February 8, 2021, you must agree to new WhatsApp terms and conditions.

Facebook can then analyze WhatsApp metadata and share it with Instagram and the Facebook platform (and Facebook Messenger) in order to offer better advertising through the many advertisers who consume this data. This ad generated revenue of $ 21.5 billion for Facebook in 2020 (4).

If you do not accept the new terms and conditions, you will no longer be able to use WhatsApp.

But Facebook promises not to do this in Europe?

Facebook promises not to share metadata in Europe due to stricter privacy rules under penalty of heavy fines. That is a promise that Facebook also made in 2017. But then the company broke that promise and paid the $122 million fine (1).


There are alternatives to WhatsApp that do take privacy into account, such as Signal & Telegram. Which data is shared in which app (2)?

Alternative 1: Signal

Alternative 2: Telegram

A tweet from Edward Snowden on this topic

1) The consensus of the infosec community is that Telegram is significantly less secure than @SignalApp.

2) Signal is an independent non-profit with a $50m endowment—they can't be meaningfully influenced by money for a very long time. Telegram is a standard private company.

— Edward Snowden (@Snowden) January 15, 2021


Of course there are other alternatives but the options provided here are the ones people ask qsuetions about.

See you on Signal

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