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Create 'anonimized' online profile pictures based on your face to counter facial recognition scraping



I want a recognisable profile picture on social media but I don't want facial recognition to be possible on the profile picture.

Why am I worrried?

This ->

And also this ->

And others...


Take a normal profile photo and run it trough the Deep Dream Generator here:

When you start, pick 'Deep Dream'. This option will try to find stuff that doesnt exist in the photo and add it.

Open the 'Settings' section, and for 'Inception Depth' choose 'Fathomless'.

Run the photo trough the deepdreamgenerator a couple of times to find even more 'Phantoms inside your face'.

Now you can use this picture safely on social media stuff.

The result

Close your eyes a little to get the 'normal' profile picture. Though I'm sure facial recognition AI won't be able to recognise me.

a deepdreamgenerator generated profile picture

You can also use this to post a photo of your kids without reveiling their true faces on social media that might hount them for the rest of their lives. • v0.1337.,14159265359.0.50210.001 • Marquees are obsolete, its use is discouraged.