Simulating user activity has never been easier

What is it?

The Epibrator simulates key strokes and mouse moves to:

Definition of 'To Epibrate'

To epibrate comes from the Dutch verb 'Epibreren'. It was invented, or made up, in 1954. And it means (translated literally from Dutch):


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Download & Installation


The Epibrator is an executable file that can be downloaded here: epibrator-v0.2.00.exe. The file is about 320KB in size.


The executable file is the complete program (no, it's not an installer nor a zip), there is no need to install anything. Just download and run the EXE file.

There is no need for (local) Administrator Rights on your machine for this application to run.

I guarantee that there is no virus, trojan, data collection or whatever malicious code present if you download the application from this website only! You can ask me for the source code if you want to compile the app yourself.

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The Epibrator graphical user interface is divided in sections

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  1. Can I get The Epibrator for Mac or any other operating system?
    • No
    • Solution: Use Windows... ò_Ó
  2. Why does the network connection test always fail while I am connected to the internet?
    • Some corporate firewalls block Ping requests. That is why.
    • Solution: configure an adress inside your corporate firewall, like your corporate intranet page or your mail server.
  3. How to remove all traces from The Epibrator on my machine?
    • The Epibrator stores its settings in the Windows Registry if possible. No other information is stored on your machine.
    • Solution: follow these steps to remove The Epibrator from your machine.
      1. Open The Epibrator, click the button "Remove Epibrator settings from my machine" in the Settings tab
        (This will remove the Registry keys from the Registry, if you want to do this manually, delete "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\\TheEpibrator" using "regedit.exe")
      2. Delete the executable file from the file system (also check your downloads folder)
      3. Clear your browser history
      4. Empty your recycle bin
      5. Go back to work!
    • Note: When you open The Epibrator, it will try to write the default settings to the Registry again!
  4. Where can I send money to thank the author of this great piece of software?
    • Solution: Use PayPal!.

      Send me lots of money via Paypal! Please respect the minimum limit of EUR 500,00

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Thank you for testing, reporting bugs, suggestions, etc: Patrick van Beek - @vanBeekP, Hendrik Baudrez - @_hendrikb, Ilja C, David S, Steven S, Trevor B, Sammy XyZeR J, Leo VDP, Kenny J, and all others

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That is all!