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replace - string replace

The replace function substitutes a part of a string with another.

The replace function is greedy and processes all occurances of the text to be replaced (A regular expression with the Global flag is used).

The function behaves like the php function str_replace($find, $replace, $subject)


replace ( $search , $replace , $subject ) Returns the $subject string with all occurances of $search replaced by the string $replace


$search The string to be replaced. (currently there are some issues with regex reserver characters)
$replace The target string that will be substituting all $search strings
$subject The target string to process and replace values in


Replacing simple strings

replace(search,replace,I find it easy to search.)

Returns: I find it easy to replace.

Changing the formatting of a data type

replace(:,-,mac()) - Will return a mac address with a dash as separator instead of a colon :

d7:77:ea:9d:fc:7d --> d7-77-ea-9d-fc-7d
78:f7:20:36:79:1b --> 78-f7-20-36-79-1b
c6:f5:1e:46:db:ff --> c6-f5-1e-46-db-ff

Removing specific characters

replace(-,,itin()) - This will remove all the dashes from the Tax PayerNumber

936-76-6729 --> 936766729

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