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ogm - Gestructureerde mededeling (Belgium)

The OGM-number is used in Belgium to automate bank payments.

  • Gestructureerde Mededeling in Dutch
  • Numéro d’OGM in French

This function produces random, but valid MOD97, numbers accepted by automated bank transfer systems in Belgium.


ogm ( ) Returns a completely random OGM number
ogm ( $prefill ) Returns a random ogm number with the prefill value used as prefix


$prefill The value to start the ogm number with (can not be longer than 10 characters).


Random 'structured messages'

ogm() x 10


Other uses

ogm(1337) - Returns a OGM number with a specific prefix


OGM with another format

If you want to have another char instead of the + sign, use this combined function:

Returns: ***133/7801/56266***
Instead of: +++133/7801/56266+++

See also

bban - basic bank account number (Belgium) iban - international bank account number